Sussex Healthcare, Your Future Starts Here

If you’ve been looking to get into a new career but weren’t sure where to start, check out Sussex Healthcare. The field of healthcare is typically in demand and experiences significant growth year after year. With many baby boomers nearing or at retirement age, they may need additional medical support. Working in the healthcare field is both financially and emotionally rewarding. Being able to earn great money while helping to improve the lives of others is hugely beneficial. Sussex Healthcare is great for those looking to get into the industry on the ground floor, and for those who are already healthcare professionals but are seeking a new opportunity.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sussex Healthcare, the company is in the long-term care business. This encompasses a large demographic of patients with different medical conditions. Eldercare, dementia care, profound and multiple learning disabilities, and end-of-life care are some of the most popular reasons patients and their families choose Sussex Healthcare. There are locations all throughout East and West Sussex, and both areas are hiring for many positions. While there are many openings, the most in-demand positions are in nursing and for care assistant positions.

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As previously mentioned, there are loads of benefits to working in healthcare, however, the Sussex Healthcare difference is what will impress you. Competitive starting wages, double pay for special shifts, transportation, uniforms, retirement savings, and meals are just a few items on the rather exhaustive list of benefits. Educational opportunities are also a huge benefit to working at Sussex Healthcare. The company prides itself on constant training and development opportunities. Earning while you learn is certainly a benefit that can be invaluable in such a constantly evolving and dynamic industry.

Sussex Healthcare is also proud to announce the appointing of a new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has joined the team as of January. With her over three decades of experience, she’s able to lead the company to even greater heights. She began her career as a nurse. Moving up the ranks, she became an executive-level manager and director. Amanda has worked in both the public and privatized sectors of healthcare and is an expert in leading and navigating within this complex industry. Both Amanda and Sussex Healthcare are excited to work together as a team.

Getting started with Sussex Healthcare is quick and easy. Simply join the talent network to view and apply for job openings. You’ll also be able to sign up for alerts, which will notify you immediately of any new openings that match your profile. Get started today by visiting

A day in the life of Rodrigo Terpins.

Rodrigo Terpins was a student at the University of Sail Hilaire; he was here for four years and graduated with a degree in Business management. He would then begin his career in management at Lojas Marisa; here he would work for sixteen years and was able to rise to the position of president during the said time, he later stepped out in 2007 to focus on his own company. The following year in 2008, Rodrigo Terpins ventured into business and started his own company T5 Participacoes. Rodrigo was able to grow the company and turn it into a successful business, and he was hence able to maintain an executive role which gave him time to focus on his rallying career. He had begun rallying in the past few years, and he and his brother Michel Terpins had begun The Bull Sertoes rally team that they were now fully focused on growing and turning it into one of the biggest rally teams in Brazil. Checkout agenciaoglobo for more details.

The ultimate dream would be taking part in all the coming editions of the Sertoes rally. This need to focus had also seen Michel Terpins dedicate more time to his rallying career and he was also more on the executive teams of his businesses. Michel Terpins had also been the chairman of the Cross country championship. You can visit comunique-se to know more.

This was a position that he had been elected to by the members of the cross country and they were counting on him to grow cross country to a new level. The team had been able to focus and juggle in all their roles but had not yet been able to bring a development partner who would oversee the development of the official team’s car. As they were working towards this they struck a chord will MEM developers. MEM has been known to develop quite the reliable racing cars and especially in the two-wheel category. The focus now shifted for the Bull Sertoes rally team to MEM, and within a short time, the T-Rex had been developed. In its trademark orange colors the T-Rex has taken the team through numerous championships and has proved a worthy partnership.

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How Alexandre Gama Grew Neogama

One of Brazil’s most successful entrepreneurs in the advertising industry is name Alexandre Gama. Alexandre Gama is a business and creative professional, who chooses to focus on communications to make his advertising agency, Neogama, run as smoothly as possible. In addition to being Neogama’s founder, Gama is also currently serving as CEO and CCO of the agency.
Alexandre Gama began his company back in 1999. His agency made big moves during its first few years, and it wasted no time in gaining business. During these initial three years, Neogama outpaced all its competitors and became Brazil’s fastest growing advertising agency.
As if this wasn’t impressive enough, Game later merged his agency, Neogama, with a London-based advertising agency known as BBH. After joining forces, Neogama/BBH hit the ground running, and it was praised later in 2002 in the newspaper, Meio e Mensagem. Meio e Mensagem called Neogama/BBH “Agency of the Year.”