Improves Northern Texas Housing and Education Funds

NexBank is a leading financial institution in Dallas. They have recently established a partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a not for profit that provides mortgages to people in the city and surrounding localities. The goal of this organization is to provide access to funding for new homeowners. The housing crisis has affected Dallas and northern Texas profoundly in recent years. There are very few homeowners relative to other parts of the country, and much of this is due to lack of access to resources.

In response, NexBank’s partnership involves distributing fifty million dollars into Dallas neighborhoods. They are focused on helping underserved communities and providing affordable solutions for housing. NexBank also plans to assist loan recipients with closing costs and ancillary fees associated with the home buying process.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a well-established program that has contributed significantly to the areas they serve for years. With the assistance of NexBank, it is possible for even more lives to be changed. Dreams of homeownership will become reality for thousands of Americans with the new partnership.

NexBank has served individuals, families as well as businesses for decades. Their efforts have proved fruitful in establishing startup businesses, helping individuals acquire homes, and educating young people through graduate or postgraduate programs. With multiple target groups, NexBank has continually diversified their offerings to give consumers the best experiences. Their recent acquisition of College Savings Bank has helped NexBank offer even more choices than before.

With more than five hundred savings plans, the College Savings Bank has empowered families to educate their children. The affordable monthly payments and versatile options have increased access to opportunities that may have been out of reach in the past. With considerable value-adding services and the highest quality customer support NexBank now has the tools to serve families even better than before.

Ultimately NexBank will continue to serve the people of Northern Texas. Improving access to resources for businesses and individuals alike has been the mission of NexBank for years. The recent initiatives to improve local communities will provide a resurgence in the housing market while uplifting Dallas neighborhoods.