InnovaCare Health Pivots Medicare Advantage Plan with Penelope Kokkinides

In 2015, InnovaCare Health formally announced that Penelope Kokkinides would rejoin the company as Chief Administrative Officer. With more than 20 years in the managed care field, Ms. Kokkinides positioned herself with the company at a pivotal time.

Ms. Kokkinides remains committed to providing her expertise in the managed care industry. As an authority in the area of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs, the decision for Ms. Kokkinides re-establishing her role within InnovaCare Health has been an enormous benefit to the company.

Prior to her tenure with InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides’s role in leadership was as Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health and Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice, a subsidiary within UnitedHealth Group. Those roles put Ms. Kokkinides in the best position for leading InnovaCare Health into the next phase for building their managed care infrastructure. Read more about her interview on

Ms. Kokkinides’s extensive knowledge and skills are highly beneficial for creating an infrastructure within InnovaCare Health as the company further advances with supporting the California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG). InnovaCare Health is currently working in alliance with the organization to combat government waste and abuse within Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Advantage plans are designed to provide an alternative benefit to beneficiaries apart from their Part B benefits. Those benefits are based upon a provider fee for service (FFS) which is dissimilar to traditional medical coverage by providing payment directly, rather than through a managed care plan. In addition, some plans include Part D benefits which are capitated by CMS, therefore making the benefits a separate capitated fee-payment for the beneficiary. InnovaCare Health is strictly a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Because those payments are a FFS, there is a great need for plans such as InnovaCare Health to assure the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) processes for preventing waste and abuse are high-priority.

In 2016, InnovaCare Health contributed its efforts to the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). They were successful in their goal to assist the organization with pursuing payment methods based on quality of care rather than quantity. This effort by InnovaCare Health goes to the core of assuring reimbursements are directly related to a patient’s health care.

Ms. Kokkinides has committed her team to the development of technology-based methods to assure that InnovaCare Health uses cost-effective business models.

InnovaCare Health remains the leading Medicare Advantage plan in North America and Puerto Rico, serving more than 200,000 members.

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Bruce Levenson Brings Case Against Insurance Company

Recently, the former Atlanta Hawks Management Corporation filed a case against AIG. AIG was the insurance company for them when it was the owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Bruce Levenson is the leader of the group, so he is spearheading this case. Levenson is a Partner an Co-Founder of the United Communications Group. He was at one time a sports and technology journalist, philanthropist, but he found his true calling in entrepreneurship.

Levenson’s company is claiming that while it still owned the Atlanta Hawks its insurance provider acted in bad faith and breached its contract. To be clear, this case does not involve the current Atlanta Hawks management in any way as the company was sold to them in June of 2015. The current Hawks management is run by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler and they had no comment on this legal case. Levenson says that AIG’s insurance policy covered “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination”. This is relevant because Danny Ferry was terminated by Levenson’s management before the team was sold. Ferry was locked into a 6 year long $18 million contract that began in 2012. His termination was necessary for the closing of the sale to the new management. This constitutes wrongful termination which should have triggered coverage under AIG’s insurance policy. AIG was informed of this in April of 2015. AIG declined to cover Danny Ferry’s termination.

The exact amount that Levenson believes AIG should have covered is confidential. AIG has not acknowledged that a policy has been triggered or even that a claim has been made. According to Levenson, AIG is being completely unreasonable about this matter. Levenson seeks damages against AIG for legal fees and costs in addition to all other penalities. When given a chance to comment on this matter publicly, AIG declined. No comment has been made by the company going back to 2015.

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