Marc Beer Has Answers

Marc Beer has over twenty-five years of experience in the development and managing of healthcare pharmaceuticals and products. He has led biotechnology companies, and has worked with the development and marketing of innovative products and therapies. He has held numerous titles and served many roles in the field. This wide range of experience has allowed Beer to identify areas in need of further research and development.


Marc Beer co-founded and serves as Chief Operating Officer of Renovia Inc, a Boston company focused on providing products to diagnose and treat disorders affecting women. The company specifically targets pelvic floor disorders, such as incontinence. It is estimated that such disorders affect the daily lives of 250 million women around the world.


The pelvic floor refers to all the interconnected muscles located under the bladder. With age, childbirth, or other factors, these muscles can become weakened, leading to incontinence and other issues. Most women are aware that just like any muscle, this area can be strengthened through exercise. However, often it is difficult to explain the correct movements needed for maximum results, and many women end up performing exercises, but doing so incorrectly.


Hoping to correct this problem and maximize results for women led to the development of Renovia’s first product, Leva, which received FDA approval in April. The Leva kit is made up of a digital system and an exerciser designed to target the pelvic muscles that are essential for maintaining continence. Patients complete exercises twice a day for just a few minutes. Leva provides the opportunity to make sure training sessions are correcting targeting the right muscles, and allows data to be tracked and shared on Renovia’s app. The digital view of progress provides immediate feedback, taking the guesswork out of the process as women work on the rehabilitation of weak pelvic muscles.


Joining the work of the Renovia team is an investing firm focused on healthcare, The Longwood Fund. The group is providing funding to be used in the development and testing of four future products to treat and diagnose disorders. Improvements to the Leva device are also in progress. Beer says Renovia is happy to have the shared vision and support. He believes the partnership makes the task of improving the quality of life for women affected by pelvic disorders easier, and ultimately will make access to data and information more readily available. This informed understanding of the disorders themselves and of treatment options will make healthcare more accessible and affordable.


Overall. Beer has raised forty-two million dollars to fund Renovia. With his history of success and innovation in healthcare solutions, women who suffer from pelvic disorders have great hopes that his achievements will continue at Renovia. Learn more :