Jason Hope Offers Insight Into The World Of Internet Of Things To Common People

In the last few years, many new advances have taken place in the field of technology. One technology that is under limelight worldwide and many companies have been adopting as well as the internet of things technology. It is the technology that would make it easier for technology to be more communicative and interactive. Different electronic devices would be able to work together in an interactive and programmable manner.

Jason Hope, a Scottsdale based serial tech entrepreneur, has been writing his opinion about how the technological revolution is about to happen with the full-scale advent of the internet of things technology.

Jason Hope has contributed massively through his fortune in the field of medical research as well. He believes that it is essential that innovation continues to take place in the field of medical research so that the cure of deadly diseases can be found sooner. The scientists and research scholars must have the tools and means necessary to conduct their research with full freedom, and it needs money. It is why he tries to donate whatever he can to various medical research centers. One of the medical research centers that he is associated with and donates to the SENs Research Center. The organization is currently finding a way to stop the aging process completely or partially and believes that it is possible when the scientists can conduct research on a molecular level.

Jason Hope has made many predictions for the future of technology and is hopeful that Artificial Intelligence is going to change the way businesses are done in the coming years. AI can allow machines to make decisions based on a complex algorithm and it can be quite beneficial for companies in the technology industry. Jason Hope feels that AI is going to become quite important in the coming decade and companies will have to adopt it whether they like it or not. Also, the amount of information in the world can offer great insight into the minds of people and is helpful for marketers. Thus, Internet of Things will be the partner for marketers, and they will be able to use it to build brands.

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Bob Reina Tells His Story To Inspirery

Bob Reina has a story that can encourage anyone who has an idea to pursue it and make their way to the top of the American dream. He’s the founder and CEO of a video marketing company gaining popularity known as Talk Fusion. Reina’s journey to success at this company came after he made a life-changing decision that few thought would pay off. But through the people he knew and the dedication to help others, Reina has turned Talk Fusion into a million-dollar revenue company.Learn more : http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


Reina told Inspirery that he had gotten into multilevel marketing because he saw it as an opportunity to put his own work in on his own time and not be limited by what his current job as a police officer offered. Most thought it was unwise for him to give up the steady paycheck on the force and join a career where a weekly paycheck wasn’t guaranteed at any time. But he kept believing he was going to find the breakthrough. It came while he was in North Carolina and needed to send videos and was unable to do it through AOL’s email. At that point he knew he could create a video email client that would meet customer needs, so he and Jonathan Chen went to work building this software.


In 2007 Talk Fusion was ready to hit the markets and its video email software along with newsletters and signup forms were bundled into a product suite. Reina says the first people he looked to market his Talk Fusion brand to were police officers he knew from his time on the force, and when they became impressed by the product it started spreading. Reina says he draws the most satisfaction knowing that Talk Fusion has helped people and that the model has helped new associates succeed.


One area Reina started focusing on with Talk Fusion was its philanthropy program. This program allows associates to give a premium account with access to all products to their favorite non-profit group. Reina’s own donations have benefited Tampa, FL charities including humane societies, youth sports, and veterans and law enforcement.